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The second Saturday in June is National Rosé Day, but we plan to celebrate Rosé all month long!

National Rosé Day was founded by Bodvár – House of Rosés, a rosé house specializing in rosé wines in 2014. They wanted to share their love of Rosé and give other Rosé lovers a day to unite together and celebrate.

What makes a rosé a rosé?

Wine gets its color from the skin. Rosés use a red wine grape and will typically have 2 to 24 hours of skin contact, whereas a true red wine can have skin contact through the whole fermenting process before it’s pressed and sent to the barrels for aging.

Wine also gets its tannins from the skins. Tannins are what gives a red wine its bite- its dryness and bitterness.

So, without that skin contact, a rosé has that crisp, fresh, fruitiness of a dry white wine, but without the hard, dry bite you’d find in a red.

Can leftover rosé be cooked with?

Though not a conventional option, it certainly can be used. In terms of weight, texture, and flavor, rosé has more in common with a white wine and makes a seamless replacement for white wine in many dishes. It can definitely be used as a substitute for red wines and works really well for sauces as it reduces down nicely.

Some recipe ideas:

What can rosé be paired with?

Honestly, what it CAN’T be paired with might be a shorter list! Rosé is unbelievably versatile. Both Pinot Noir and Cab Franc rosés pair with lighter appetizers and fares, fresh green salads, chicken Caesar salads, grilled fish, mushroom quiche, sautéed shrimp or any seafood dish, light pasta, rice dishes, Asian cuisine, baked peaches, rosemary flatbread, oysters, goat cheese, sharp cheeses, most charcuterie boards.

Check out these offers along the trail* for the entire month of June:

Knapp Winery:

  • June 5th: Rosé All Day- $1.00 off a bottle of 2021 Pinot Noir Rosé, in-store only.
  • Slushie of the month- Frozé!

Buttonwood Grove Winery:

  • Complimentary welcome wine of 2021 Cab Franc Rosé with purchase of standard tasting
  • 15% off 3 or more bottles, in-store only

Hosmer Winery:

  • Complimentary tasting of 2021 Cab Franc Rosé with purchase of a standard indoor tasting
  • 2 bottles for $28, in-store only

Montezuma Winery:

  • Free teal tumbler with the purchase of 2+ bottles of Hope Dry Rosé. In-store only.

Who currently has rosé in stock:

  • Buttonwood Grove Winery: 2020 Cab Franc Rosé
  • Goose Watch Winery: 2017 Rosé of Pinot Noir, 2018 Cab Franc Rosé, Pinot Noir Brut Rosé
  • Hosmer Winery: 2020 Cab Franc Rosé, Blanc de Noirs
  • Knapp Winery: 2020 Pinot Noir Rosé
  • Long Point Winery: Ciera Rosé
  • Lucas Vineyards: 2020 Cab Franc Rosé
  • Montezuma Winery: Hope Dry Rosé
  • Six Eighty Cellars: Pinot Noir Rosé
  • Swedish Hill Winery: 2018 Blue Waters Dry Rosé
  • Thirsty Owl Wine Co.: 2020 Pinot Noir Rosé
  • Varick Winery: Pinot Noir Rosé

Check out this podcast that features some of the new 2020 Rosés across the trail: