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Holiday Shopping Spree- December Weekend

December 3, 2022 @ 10:00 am - December 4, 2022 @ 5:00 pm

Holiday Shopping Spree is back and ready to make you the thrifty multi-tasker that you are! Treat yourself while shopping for others and cross items off your gift list as you sample before you buy. Save money with your Holiday Shoppers Card, only valid during the event dates. You’ll get a souvenir wine glass, a souvenir ornament, wine and food pairings, a digital recipe book, and $5 off a $35 wine purchase at every single winery!


Here’s a quick rundown on how this event, but please see below for further details, explanations, and event tidbits:

  • The event weekend is December 3 and 4 from 10 am to 5 pm.
  • Tickets are sold as singles and couples for either Saturday,  Sunday, or one full weekend and are ONLY good for the chosen date/weekend. They cannot be used for a date other than the one specified on your order.
  • Ticket prices are the following:
      • Single Saturday: $60 (+ tax and service fees)
      • Couple Saturday: $110 (+ tax and service fees)
      • Single DD Saturday:  $30 (+ tax and service fees)
      • Single Sunday:  $50 (+ tax and service fees)
      • Couple Sunday:  $90 (+ tax and service fees)
      • Single DD Sunday:  $25 (+ tax and service fees)
      • Single full weekend:  $90 (+ tax and service fees)
      • Couple full weekend:  $170 (+ tax and service fees)
      • Single DD full weekend:  $45 (+ tax and service fees)
  • Even though this event is sold as single and couple tickets, it is still a SEATED event. Tables seat 4 people, so you may be sitting with other folks. If you’re traveling with more than 4 people, you may be split up into different tables. Parties over 12 are prohibited.
  • Even though this event is sold as single and couple tickets, this event still comes with an itinerary to follow. The one-day ticket includes 6 of the 12 participating wineries. The full weekend ticket includes all 12 wineries- 6 on Saturday and 6 on Sunday.
  • Multiple itineraries are available to choose from. Quantities of each are limited and cannot be increased.
  • You must stick to your chosen itinerary: Early or late arrivals at each winery will only be accommodated if space permits. You also cannot stray from your purchased itinerary. If you aren’t on their list, they will not allow you in.
  • A one-day ticket includes 6 wineries, with food and wine samples served at each.
    • This ticket also includes one souvenir wine glass per person, plus a souvenir ornament per ticket, and a digital recipe book. Oh, and the Shopper’s card featuring $5 off a $35 wine purchase good at each winery.
  • A full weekend ticket includes 12 wineries, 6 on Saturday and 6 on Sunday, with food and wine samples served at each.
    • This ticket also includes one souvenir wine glass per person, plus a souvenir ornament per ticket, and a digital recipe book. Oh, and the Shopper’s card featuring $5 off a $35 wine purchase good at each winery.
  • Wineries reserve the right to refuse service to intoxicated customers, or those arriving too far outside (or inside) of their designated time slot.

What’s new this year?

Tickets are sold as single and couple again. I know we keep changing things up, but we’ve been at the mercy of COVID and are finally able to create events the way we’d like to. That being said, some of those changes we were forced to make had a positive impact and we’d like to keep them that way.

We’ve done away with selling tickets by the table and have brought back single and couple tickets, with a DD option. However, the event is still seated and it’s still with itineraries. Tables are typically 4 folks, though some wineries night have tables that fit up to 6. If you’re coming with less than 4 people, you might be sitting with folks you don’t know. (Though I’m sure you’ll leave as friends!) If you’re coming up with more than 4 in your party, you’ll likely have to split up amongst multiple tables. Some wineries *might* be able to accommodate you, but others might not so plan to be separated.

The itineraries are structured the same as 2021 and provide you- and the wineries- with the perfect pace for the day. By creating itineraries, we ensure that you never have to wait to be served and never have to deal with an overcrowded tasting room or register line.

Multiple days to choose from! This event is held on 2 different weekends and each weekend has 3 different ticketing options- Saturday-only, Sunday-only, or a full weekend pass. Your ticket is only good for one of the Saturdays, or Sundays, etc, and can’t be used for both Saturdays. The date you purchase your ticket for is the date you’re able to attend. Your name is on a list at each winery, and if you go on a different day, they’ll have no record of you and no available seat(s).

Your itinerary is incredibly important! Don’t worry- you’ll be able to select an itinerary for the day you wish to come from multiple options, so you should be able to see your favorites!

  • Itineraries are broken down into groups of 6 wineries, with many different ones to choose from. Twelve of our wineries are participating in this event, and all 12 will be a starting option, with a few different paths to follow for each. If you’ve bought a one-day pass, your ticket includes 6 wineries, and if you’ve purchased the full weekend, you’ll see 6 on Saturday and the other 6 on Sunday.
  • All 12 of the wineries are structured differently and can seat a different amount of people per hour. Itineraries are made based on their individual capacity limits and the flow of their tasting room.
  • Your itinerary has you at each winery on the hour, every hour starting at 10 am and getting to your last winery at 3 pm. This allows your group time for the tasting, shopping, bathroom, travel to the next, etc.  (There are some itineraries that have you at Six Mile Creek at the half-hour mark. This is to accommodate a bit of extra travel time, which equates to more time to sing in the car between stops!) Remember- each winery is different and will conduct their tasting a bit differently, so they won’t all take the same exact amount of time. And since they’re all different, some may offer a flight, while others may pour one at a time. A different experience at each is a good thing! This helps differentiate your stops and also prevents them from blurring together.
  • If you’re running late, this will eat into your tasting time at that stop. Because it’s a structured day, there isn’t room to extend time at each stop to accommodate. We know accidents happen but try your best to be on time. ‘Leave by times’ are provided as you’re browsing the different itineraries and are on your receipt after your purchase. The ticketing agency, Showclix, will also send an event reminder with the itinerary, and the wine trail office will also send you an email a couple of days before the event to remind you of your schedule and to provide you with your digital recipe book.
  • If you’re early, we also kindly ask you to wait to go in if the group before you is still using the area.
  • Tickets are listed under the name of the person who purchased them.
  • At each stop, you’ll be asked for your name to check in, and even though each person in your group was ID’d at the first stop, you’ll likely be asked for ID each time, too. It’s up to them to make sure everyone they serve is 21 years or older and is taken very seriously.
  • If you pass a winery on your itinerary while going to the next, don’t worry! Travel time isn’t really an issue here and backtracking can’t be completely avoided. It was built into your day and will all work out, trust me!
  • Itineraries cannot be modified in any way, shape, or form. They’re specially curated to each winery’s availability and they’re all full and accounted for when tickets go on sale.
  • Packages! After a brief hiatus, packages are back! Packages include a couples ticket, transportation for 2, and a 1 or 2-night stay at one of our lovely area hotels. Take a look at this website and give us a call for reservations or questions!


What do you receive?

Each person will receive:

  • a holiday party-inspired food dish large enough for at least 3 to 4 bites, if not more, at all 6 wineries
  • a wine pairing presented with it, also at all 6 stops
  • 3 additional wine tastings at each stop
  • a souvenir wine glass at your last stop
  • a digital recipe book for all 12 food options
  • $5 off a $35 wine purchase at each stop- let the shopping begin!

Each ticket will receive:



Selecting your itinerary

There are multiple itineraries to choose from, with 12 wineries being a starting point.

Participating wineries are:

  • Montezuma Winery
  • Swedish Hill Winery
  • Knapp Winery
  • Goose Watch Winery
  • Buttonwood Grove Winery
  • Six Eighty Cellars
  • Cayuga Ridge Estate Winery
  • Thirsty Owl Wine Co.
  • Hosmer Winery
  • Lucas Vineyards
  • Americana Vineyards
  • Six Mile Creek Vineyards

I know it’s a lot to choose from, and can be a little tricky, so here are some things to consider when selecting an itinerary:

  • Personally, I like to start farther away so I can work my way closer to home base. Admittedly, not all these itineraries are able to smoothly go north to south or south to north- backtracking was inevitable, but all travel times were considered when these were being created. (And I’ve also provided a “leave by” time right in the ticket ordering system to help manage your time between each stop.) This all being said, if you’re struggling to pick the right schedule, choose one that has you ending closer to wherever you’re going afterward. It’ll make the ride home seem quicker.
  • Others like to start their day at a winery nearest to where they’re coming from.
  • If you don’t care about the start or end location, select one based on the wineries within the itinerary. If you click “more details” under each option, you’ll see exactly which wineries are included.
  • If you can’t get an itinerary that includes some of the ones you want, think of this as a good time to try one you haven’t been to before, or maybe one you didn’t previously enjoy. Staff, vintages, and experiences change over the course of years, and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised this time around!
  • *Important* The number in the dropdown box is how many people can still purchase this itinerary. IE: If it only shows 7, but there are 8 of you, there’s only room for 7 of your group.
    • If you’re a larger party (12 and under is allowed) and you all plan to purchase separately, be aware that if anyone straggles behind in the buying process and your selected itinerary sells out first, those who didn’t purchase cannot be squeezed in. The limit is the limit and can’t be changed. Because of this, we recommend larger parties purchase as a whole to prevent any issues like this.
    • Click here to view Saturday Itineraries
    • Click here to view Sunday Itineraries
    • Click here to view the full weekend ticket itineraries


Ready to buy tickets?

Click here to buy Saturday, December 3rd tickets
Click here to buy Sunday, December 4th tickets
Click here to buy full December weekend tickets


Ticket sales end Thursday, December 1st at 10am. Ticket will not be available at the door.


December 3, 2022 @ 10:00 am
December 4, 2022 @ 5:00 pm
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Cayuga Lake Wine Trail